Exercise Frequency: How Much is Too Much? – 015

Do you exercise enough?

What does “enough” even mean?

On the flipside, how much is too much exercise?

These are questions we get asked all the time and they definitely warranted a full episode, so episode 15 takes a deep dive into these.

In this episode, we touch on how exercise frequency can play a role in fat loss and general health by affecting everything from sleep and stress, to hormones. We also mention some BIG no-nos to be wary of when determining how much you want to head to the gym, including some misunderstandings about soreness.

January can be a tough month with New Year’s resolutions and all the efforts to start exercising and dieting and getting healthy. It’s especially tough if you live in a cold, dark city like we do. Break out of the bleakness and join us for this episode so you can learn the right way to exercise and start your year off on the right foot.


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