Staying Healthy in the Midst of the Holiday Season – 005

In our #RealTalkWithoutBorders segment today, we get real talking about Em’s cupcake indulgences and Kate’s post-wedding aches and pains.

Then, in this episode, we talk all about our BEST tips for maintaining your health throughout the holidays. Make sure you listen to this one before you head out for your next holiday party or dinner. Here’s a few of topics we hit:

-Plan, plan, plan

-Before dinner:  Starve or snack?

-The inevitable dessert table

-Picking vs. plating

-Freshen up

-Add some movement

And more!

Give it a listen before the holidays to get some useful tips, and make sure you check out all the helpful resources for this episode listed below!


Episode Resources


Wine, Cake and Willpower (Emily)

What to do after overindulging (Kate) 

Turkey Day Travel Workout (Kate)

12 Days of Christmas Workout (Kate)


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