6 Myths About Fitness and Fat Loss – 037

It’s almost time for summer weather, which means many of us are about to embark on a new fitness regimen to build our “bikini bodies”. If you’ve listened to us for awhile, you know we are NOT fans of any sort of crash diet. However, we totally get the desire to want to look and feel good about our bodies, and usually it takes a little working out to get there. Before you jump into any new routines, we wanted to make sure you knew about some of the biggest myths about fitness and fat-loss, so you don’t fall victim to their trap.

Here are some of the myths that we’re hitting on today…

  1. More sweat = more fat burned
  2. Cardio is the key to fat loss
  3. Women can get bulky from lifting heavy
  4. Mornings are the best time to work out
  5. You should go to the gym every day for an hour
  6. You “have” to eat before a workout, OR conversely, it’s better to workout fasted to burn more fat

We dive deep into these 6 myths and explain exactly WHY you need to stop believing them. We also chat about things like hot yoga, intermittent fasting, balancing hormones, the “right” amount of time to workout, pre and post workout fueling, and so much more. 

If you’re goal is fat loss and you’re using one of the methods listed above, you’ll definitely want to check out this episode.


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