Being Fit, Being a Mom, and Finding Your Purpose with Judy Arazoza – 034

This episode is FULL of wisdom and inspiration from the lovely Judy Arazoza.

Judy starts by telling us her story…She began a love for fitness back in the day with things like Step and distance running, when cardio was all the rage. Eventually, she wanted more so she started to work her way into weight training. It wasn’t until her youngest child was in high school that she finally decided to make fitness into a business. She taught her kids to be more self-sufficient, and re-learned how to put herself first.

Judy now trains women to use fitness and nutrition as tools to work through mid-life struggles. Grateful Fitness was born out of need for moms and busy women to take care of themselves, and according to Judy, this begins with practicing mindfulness and gratitude. Judy talks about how practicing gratitude lowers our cortisol, makes us more optimistic, improves our relationships with others, and frees our mind.

She talks us through the importance of having a purpose in life, and she tells us the one big question she asks her clients to help them put things in perspective and discover their unique purpose.


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