Cravings, Emotions, and Hormonal Imbalances – 019

Cravings are a big barrier to getting and healthy- and they’re honestly just a pain in the butt- yet so many of us struggle with them because we have no clue how to avoid falling into their trap.

In this episode, we talk about what triggers those cravings, which includes everything from sleep quality and stress to hydration and protein. We break down cravings into those that stem from actual nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances, and those that are triggered by emotion.

We also give a bunch of tips around how to battle these cravings, with strategies that we use ourselves…ones that actually work. You can pick and choose from these strategies to find the ones that work for you because after all, we want to help you build your own perfectly imperfect lifestyle. 

We even talk about willpower and habit, and how cravings can mess with both. If you ever struggle with cravings, this episode is for you.


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