Drop Fitness Overwhelm and Build a Booty with Cari Li – 027

Our guest today, Cari Li, is a fitness and nutrition coach from Singapore. She’s a self-proclaimed “booty architect” and an expert on energy management. Cari has been helping women around the world with their fitness and fat-loss freedom goals for almost ten years.

In this episode, we go deep into Cari’s experience growing up as a gymnast with the pressures to be skinny and have a “perfect body”. Cari has transformed her mindset and her body over the years to love herself and embrace her curves. She helps women take care of themselves while learning to “fill out their jeans” and build the booties they want.

Cari has a rich history of living, travelling and working in different cultures, and she tells us how that has affected her fitness/nutrition habits. She also tells us her 5 Non-Negotiables for staying on track.

This episode is a must-listen because Cari shares a lot of juicy personal stories from her past, as well as gives out some of her best strategies for getting and staying on track. Don’t miss it!


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