Getting Personal: Life-long Habits and Self-Awareness – 038

Now THIS is an interesting episode…We had so much fun recording it!

This is our second “Getting Personal” episode, and we do these for a couple reasons…1) we think the “weird” stuff is the most interesting and most relatable (and the least talked about); and 2) we want you guys to get to know us as real people, and more than just voices in your headphones.

In this episode we dig into the past and try to understand where some of our adult habits come from. There are a lot of things we do as adults that stem from experiences or habits we learned as children. Digging deep into our quirks and unique tendencies and dissecting their origin is a pretty fascinating process, so we wanted to do it with you on this episode.

As you follow along, think about your own unique qualities and where they might come from…

Some of the memories and childhood habits that we touch on:

  • Tissue boxes that match
  • Multitasking with games
  • Stuffed animals with feelings
  • Money mindsets
  • The clean plate club
  • Christmas gifts
  • Sibling deception

A large part of being self-aware is understanding why we do what we do, and how our past forms who we are today. We hope this episode triggers some realizations for you via the connection between your past and your personality.


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