Getting Personal: Lyme Disease and Post-Birth Control Pill Hormonal Imbalances -002

In this episode, we get a little personal.

Everyone has a story when it comes to health and fitness, whether it’s a disease, a health condition, a chronic illness, an injury…Something always comes to mind when we think about our individual health journeys. BUT, not everyone has found a way to work through the mental and physical battles associated with their health issues. So, we’re going to share the biggest tips for what helped us.

Here’s what you’ll hear:

-Kate’s story- the ER experience, the scary months afterwards, and dealing with the residual effects of Lyme

-Em’s story- the negative effects of birth control, post-pill amenorrhea, and working hard to fix hormonal health

-Our BEST advice for how to work through a health scare


Episode Resources:



What you should know about Lyme disease (Kate)

Hormonal Birth Control, Part 1 and Part 2 (Em)


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