Growth Mindset: Learning to Challenge Your Own Beliefs – 042

This episode is all about the Growth Mindset, which seems to be a real buzz phrase lately. The term “Growth Mindset” refers to the idea that we need to work hard and dedicate some real time and effort to our personal development if we want to grow and be our best selves.

We talk about how it’s really easy to get stuck in our own ways because we tend to surround ourselves with people that think the same way as us (confirmation bias). If we truly want to grow, we have to challenge ourselves by opening up our minds to the other side and really hearing and listening to the ideas that scare us.

Emily talks about how everyone seems to have an opinion and likes to tell us what they think is best, particularly when it comes to nutrition and dieting. Someone might believe that one diet is the end-all-be-all because it worked for them. but guess what? We’re all different, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for the other.

Kate talks about the indoor cycling instructors that she coaches, and how she has to constantly push them to see outside of their dogma, especially in terms of traditional vs. non-traditional cycling techniques. She talks about how it can be so hard for us to admit that we’ve changed our minds on something because it makes us feel like frauds. How can we know if we’re “right” if we can’t even see the other side?

This was a fun episode to record because we hit on a lot of deep mindset issues…Check it out and let us know what you think!


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