Life Hacks: Easy Habits to Simplify Healthy Living – 041

According to “The Power of Habits” by Charles Duhigg, 40% of the actions we perform each day aren’t results of decision making, but are in fact due to our habits. 

Building up little habits over time is the key to making a difference in our ability to live a healthy lifestyle.
The problem is that we make this idea WAY too complicated. These healthy habits can be super simple and still make a HUGE difference.
In this episode we talk about some of these simple habits, what we call “life hacks”, and we share some of our favorites.

We started off with a question:  “If you could outsource one piece of your day-to-day life, what would have the biggest impact on your particular lifestyle and circumstances?”

We each had a few answers to this, namely cooking and cleaning, which are two things that bog down many of us, so we started with our life hacks for those areas.

We talk about all sorts of little habits we’ve created, and some of them may seem a little strange, but they work! To name a few…

-Meal prepping and/or buying pre-made veggies and foods

-Cleaning the important areas of the house (and closing the doors to the rest)

-Always packing a toiletry bag

-Investing in a cute water bottle (and bringing it everywhere!)

-Readying your gym clothes and your workout plans the night before

-Taking a few minutes for self-care each day (maybe even just a few deep breaths)


Just because there are so many elements to being “healthy” doesn’t mean you have to do them all! Use these “life hacks” and pick one thing to start implementing, and once you nail it you can add more.


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