Poop, Squatty Pottys & Elimination Diets – 007

If you get squirmy talking about poop, this episode is NOT for you.

After a little #RealTalkWithoutBorders about Coogee (Kate’s pup), and our love of tacos, we dive straight into the dirty truths about digestion.

We start talking about what exactly digestion is from the moment we smell food to the very end of the process aka poop. Then we chat about what poor digestion can look like, and what sorts of symptoms manifest from our gut issues. Plus, we give some tips for how to fix things up and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your digestive system.


Episode Resources

Bristol Stool Chart 

Emily’s digestion cheat sheet (The exact 6 tools to repair gut health, reduce bloating, improve mood and aid hormonal issues)



Digestion Part 1: What is Your Body Trying to Tell You? (Emily)

Digestion Part 2: What is Your Poop Trying to Tell You?  (Emily)


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