Stop “Shoulding” All Over Yourself – 036

In this episode, we challenge you to pay attention to how often you use the word “should”.

We’re all guilty of this, and it doesn’t seem like a big deal. We’re constantly saying things like:

“I should go to the gym.”

“I should eat more vegetables.”

“I should take better care of myself.”

These don’t even cover all the “should’s” we say to other people (especially those of us that are a little bossy).

The problem with the word “should” is that it implies that we need to do better. It makes us feel like we aren’t doing enough and if we don’t do more of the things we feel like we “should” do, then we have failed in some way. It deteriorates our self-worth in making us feel like we aren’t good enough as we are.

We talk about the importance of changing our mindset from “should” to “want” or “get to”.

“I get to exercise today.”

“I get to eat more vegetables.”

“I want to take better care of myself.”

We talk about how being grateful and finding a passion in life can help rid us of the “should’s” and the “need to’s”. If we give ourselves permission to do what we want and desire, then we won’t feel bogged down by these rules that we set for ourselves.

We get a little preachy in this one, but it’s only because we are super passionate about this topic. You’ll see what we mean when you listen…



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